Monday, September 20, 2010

Today's Tweets (09/20/2010)

  • just bought "Head First PHP & MySQL". And I'm downloading it now. I'll have to write applications in PHP next month... posted at 23:23:33

  • just purchased some tokens at Safari Books Online. posted at 23:15:40

  • @safaribooks Can you fix this? "Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System, <<<The>>>" posted at 22:47:52

  • "Thread (computer science)" - posted at 22:30:29

  • (´ω`) posted at 21:31:11

  • You really need to use Windows? MacBook is the right choice. RT @mika_kuroshima: 今日は久々に電気屋さんへ行ってきたけど、やっぱり電化製品見てるの楽しい。サクサク動作するwindowsかMacBook posted at 21:15:49

  • Finally I'll be free from docomo's stupid services except their 3G network quality. I've been waiting for the day for a long time... posted at 20:42:51

  • just placed an order for a Motorola Milestone XT720. #android #motorola posted at 19:53:01

  • @matigo Really!? You don't need to use JP layout keyboard at home, do you? posted at 16:32:44

  • I use US layout keyboard at home, too. So I can't input Japanese well during connecting to my PC at work... RT @_takebon_: USキーボードにした影響が出てきた posted at 16:17:51

  • "15 Best Chrome Extensions" - posted at 15:55:48

  • #oyasumi posted at 05:17:04

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