Saturday, August 28, 2010

Today's Tweets (08/28/2010)

  • I can't believe it! posted at 23:34:29

  • I'm from Iwate Pref. To be honest, I've never thought that I'm glad to be born and brought up there. posted at 23:02:49

  • So I don't know how many times I will watch The O.C. in the future. But I must admit The O.C. is awesome! posted at 22:47:13

  • My Backblaze client doesn't allow me to uncheck my main hard disk drive... #backblaze posted at 21:54:34

  • By the way, I want them to let me know via Twitter, too. I don't check my inbox very often... posted at 21:44:14

  • Why does he never add me to his contacts list? He hates me? posted at 21:38:24

  • I'm a BlackBerry user. So any e-mail is never pushed to me. I'd like my co-workers to remember it... posted at 21:19:43

  • As if Half-width kana were a foreign language... posted at 19:58:09

  • just purchased The O.C. Season 1. #itunes posted at 19:33:56

  • But each season of TV shows contains over 30GB of data... What am I supposed to do? posted at 18:58:16

  • I've recently used some online backup services. I shouldn't have sent over 30GB of data to The Internet... #ocn posted at 18:54:34

  • "個人向け OCN サービスにおける大量データ送信制限の実施について | OCN" - posted at 18:26:49

  • Have you guys ever seen "The Secret Life of the American Teenager"? posted at 17:50:50

  • #oyasumi posted at 06:55:15

  • - - is an Internet provider of spoken audio entertainment, information, and educational programming. posted at 04:18:03

  • I'm really disappointed at NTT docomo's cell phones... #docomo posted at 04:07:28

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