Friday, August 20, 2010

Today's Tweets (08/20/2010)

  • @collirp Yep, this is my initial backup. I have to upload about 500GB to Mozy. And the data has been increasing about 50GB per week... posted at 23:56:52

  • So far, "2.0 Mbits/sec" is the fastest upload speed I've ever seen. #mozy posted at 23:51:35

  • I did it again... #oops posted at 19:18:21

  • In addition, that company provides Aeron chairs to their employees! What a surprise!!! posted at 18:57:21

  • I also worked at that company for a few months. His photos reminds me of my Korean friends. posted at 18:48:35

  • I've just got it. He changed his job recently. I think he works near Osaki Sta. posted at 18:46:50

  • I've already worked too much this month, I had to finish my work earlier today... posted at 17:30:15

  • I'm at Shinjuku Sta. posted at 16:09:28

  • have got a really sore throat... posted at 10:13:21

  • "振込 トト トウセンキン ドク)ニホンスポーツシンコウセンター" #toto posted at 10:05:16

  • #oyasumi posted at 03:01:12

  • "Being Geek" - #oreilly posted at 02:53:39

  • I have an idea. I'll get another hard disk drive, synchronize one to another using rsync. Upload speed to Mozy is too slow... #mozy posted at 02:46:46

  • I'm tired of it... posted at 02:40:37

  • You have no idea what I talked about... posted at 02:32:12

  • #theveronicas posted at 02:18:28

  • look at you... posted at 02:00:51

  • watching #90210 posted at 00:22:12

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