Thursday, August 12, 2010

Today's Tweets (08/12/2010)

  • just bought a $50 iTunes Gift Card. #itunes posted at 23:53:57

  • That person cannot read the air... #rudeness posted at 23:49:30

  • In fact, my chief is such a good guy. I hope he will make a right choice... posted at 23:34:59

  • You ruined. posted at 15:38:44

  • RT @MobileCrunch Apple releases iOS 4.0.2, patches PDF vulnerabilities (and sends jailbreakers bac.. posted at 10:40:24

  • #oyasumi posted at 02:51:09

  • Unfortunately, he did it again today... #rudeness posted at 02:11:37

  • You are dying... RT @makken_rester: コーラで満腹感を満たしてみました posted at 01:22:12

  • You should think of your next life. It means '来世'. RT @makken_rester: 駄目だ・・・明日は・・・どうだろう posted at 01:16:52

  • @matigo wow... I bought a PC when I was a student, Windows 98 SE was already installed. I haven't used DOS... You are my master! posted at 01:15:22

  • You should make the most of that opportunity. You can make it! RT @okagen1975: 昨日、一年ぶりぐらいにヘッドハンターから連絡があった。周りの何人かが新たな旅立ちを迎えるので、このタイミングには運命を感じ posted at 00:47:56

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