Sunday, July 18, 2010

Today's Tweets (07/18/2010)

  • 帰る. posted at 21:53:21

  • 職場の自席でコンビニ弁当を食べている... posted at 20:36:37

  • コーヒーをぶちまけてしまった... posted at 17:45:55

  • @makken_rester I want to know the truth! posted at 17:18:10

  • EXCELSIOR CAFFE at Hatsudai does't provide wireless Internet access service yet? posted at 17:13:50

  • @makken_rester I know you have another reason. :P posted at 16:13:35

  • 便利すぎる... #tcpdump posted at 15:39:58

  • @makken_rester really? posted at 15:26:51

  • He is such a great guy! posted at 15:26:10

  • found a bug! posted at 14:57:47

  • Oh, there you are... Our fan is back! Where were you yesterday? posted at 13:20:27

  • heading for Hatsudai. posted at 12:16:40

  • 寝 posted at 02:04:52

  • It seems that I need about one or two hours to download whole season chapters... #itunes posted at 01:50:32

  • My English is broken. But I don't care. You want to learn English, don't you? Let's say in English more and more! It's gonna be great! posted at 01:36:33

  • @matigo Yep. But Japanese anime movies appear on iTunes only in US account mode. Do you like Japanese anime? posted at 01:28:06

  • purchasing "Gossip Girl, Season 1" on iTunes... posted at 00:50:12

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