Saturday, July 03, 2010

Today's Tweets (07/03/2010)

  • quiet, but too hot... posted at 14:55:34

  • "lino" is a free sticky & canvas service that requires nothing but a Web browser. - posted at 13:49:59

  • I'm at Hatsudai. posted at 13:26:33

  • I'm at Kitasenju. posted at 11:16:23

  • 寝 posted at 02:44:23

  • To be honest, I don't like to develop Web applications so much. Maybe I'll have to get another job as soon as possible. posted at 02:09:12

  • watching 90210... posted at 01:09:09

  • Actually I use Windows only at work, almost all operations on that OS get on my nerves. If only I could use my favorite OS at work... posted at 00:45:31

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