Sunday, May 09, 2010

Today's Tweets (05/09/2010)

  • We'll be back soon. posted at 23:57:55

  • なぜか腕に蕁麻疹が... posted at 18:17:42

  • 寝 posted at 06:43:29

  • It's about time to sleep... posted at 06:25:40

  • ordered the third season of "WITHOUT A TRACE" at Amazon. posted at 04:10:58

  • DUO の時間です. posted at 02:38:25

  • @matigo really? I prefer docomo to SoftBank because of their 3G Network coverage. Anyway, I can't wait till iPad comes out in Japan! posted at 01:54:44

  • は, 64GB の iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G を USD1019 (including shipping charge) で販売しているっぽい. どこが最安かな? posted at 00:33:24

  • 縛られたくないので, 海外で販売される unlocked な iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G を購入するか. むぅ... posted at 00:24:53

  • 国内で販売される 3G 版の iPad は unlocked じゃないのか... posted at 00:15:36

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